Episode 67

65: FWOF2 Week 3: Welcome to Fright Night...For Real w/Jeremy Weed and Katie Wright


October 14th, 2020

1 hr 35 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Is it possible for a Horror movie to be TOO cool? This week the Twinz welcome Jeremy Weed, and another one of their dear friends Katie Wright, to the show to ponder that very idea. For Week 3 of Five Weeks of Fright 2, the group discuss another classic of 80's Horror, Fright Night!
The quartet talk their favorite moments, the significance the movie had in reviving the Vampire genre, and they all gush over a certain charming blood sucker.
All of this, plus, Count Uli finally puts his foot down when Romeo wants to go for a joy ride
This episode is a scorcher, and it is oh so cool Brewster!