Episode 166

151: MMPR: Alpha's Magical Christmas w/Samantha Kennedy


December 22nd, 2023

56 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

This week, we re-visit a subject we dedicated a whole month to in May! We dip back in to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a Christmas Special made to showcase everyone's favorite manic side character, Alpha 5! The Rangers are out helping Santa, and Alpha feels alone on Christmas. So Zordon lifts Alpha's spirits by kidnapping over a dozen children, transporting them to the Command Center, and encouraging them to sing Christmas Carols with Alpha! We also discuss what aliens think of Jesus, we ask where exactly do the children go after leaving the Comman Center, and Dr. Phil makes a surprise guest appearance in this straight-to-video special that proved that not all MMPR media was a hit.
All that, plus Jesco and Chauncey get desperate in their last ditch effort to prove the existence of Santa Clause! Our Sister Samantha Kennedy is back to help us riff Alpha's Magical Christmas, this week on the Radkast!