Episode 125

114: MAM: Sidekicks


March 17th, 2023

1 hr 1 min 11 secs

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About this Episode

This week on the show, we have another entry in March-ial Arts Month! The film we talk about involves an asthmatic day-dreamer by the name of Barry, who when he's not dealing with his breathing problems inhibiting him, he has to deal with teasing from his classmates. Barry's only solace is when he can whisk himself away to fantasy worlds, and go on adventures where he is the right-hand man to his hero, Chuck Norris.
Thanks to the help of a supportive teacher, her wise uncle, his father, and his classmate crush, Barry overcomes the school bully, a pompous karate instructor, and learns when you find strength within yourself and see you're cared for, the real world is a far better place to live! Oh, and you may actually get to fight alongside your hero one day. No promises though.
It's Sidekicks, this week on the Radkast!